Bulk Succulents

"Bulk Succulents: Elevate Your Events with Green Elegance"

Introduction: Welcome to Perfectly Rooted Succulents, your go-to destination for stunning bulk succulents that add a touch of natural beauty and charm to every occasion. Whether you're planning a wedding, celebrating a baby shower, or seeking thoughtful workplace or thank-you gifts, our diverse range of succulents will make your event truly memorable.

we specialize in providing high-quality succulents in two convenient sizes: 2" and 4". Whether you're a seasoned succulent enthusiast or just starting out, our diverse selection of succulents is perfect for adding a touch of nature to your space.

Sizes and Packaging:

- 2" Succulents: Our 2" succulents come in sturdy plastic square pots, ensuring they're ready to thrive in your collection. These compact plants are ideal for arrangements, DIY projects, or creating your very own succulent garden.
- 4" Succulents: Our 4" succulents are potted in durable round containers, providing ample space for these delightful plants to flourish. These larger succulents are perfect for creating focal points in your indoor or outdoor spaces.

    Assorted Variety Packs:

    For orders of 25 or more plants, we guarantee a diverse assortment of at least four different succulent varieties. This ensures that each bundle is a unique and vibrant collection of nature's wonders.

    What Sets Us Apart:

    • No Arrangements, Only Succulents: We focus exclusively on providing you with healthy, thriving succulents. While we don't arrange them for you, we believe this allows for your creativity to shine through.

    • Quality Guaranteed: Every succulent is handpicked and inspected to ensure it meets our high standards. We take pride in delivering succulents that are healthy, vibrant, and ready to be a beautiful addition to your space.

    Event Categories:

    Weddings: Elevate your wedding décor with our exquisite succulents. Our carefully curated succulents bring a unique blend of elegance and eco-friendliness to your special day. From centerpieces to favors, these resilient plants symbolize enduring love and growth.

    Baby Showers: Welcome the joy of a new beginning with our adorable succulents. The vibrant colors and lush textures of succulents are the perfect complement to your baby shower theme. Let these mini masterpieces serve as reminders of life's beauty and the journey ahead.

    Workplace Gifting: Give the gift of green inspiration to your colleagues or clients. Our bulk succulents are the ideal choice for workplace gifting, adding a touch of nature to any office space. Promote positivity, productivity, and wellness with these low-maintenance, stress-relieving plants.

    Thank You Gifting: Express gratitude in a meaningful way with our thoughtfully designed succulent gifts. These living tokens of appreciation convey a message of lasting thanks, making them a heartfelt alternative to traditional gifts. Show someone you care with the gift of sustainable beauty.

    Product Variety: Explore our diverse range of succulents, each carefully crafted to suit your event's unique style:

    • Mini Succulent Pots: Ideal for table centerpieces or guest favors.
    • Medium Succulents Pots: Ideal for table centerpieces or for a "wow" guest favor. 

    Benefits of Succulents: Succulents offer a host of benefits that make them perfect for any event:

    • Low Maintenance: No green thumb required—succulents thrive with minimal care.
    • Versatile Design: From rustic to modern, succulents suit a variety of aesthetics.
    • Symbolism: Represent growth, endurance, and the beauty of life's journey.
    • Longevity: Your guests can enjoy these living keepsakes for years to come.

    Ordering Process:

    1. Browse our collection and select your preferred succulent size option. 
    2. Place your bulk order.
    3. Sit back and relax—we'll handle the rest, ensuring timely delivery for your event.
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    Great and very carefully packaged!

    I am wondered with my New plant!

    Pretty, healthy and amazing!


    This cactus is a dream!!!!! Beautiful, healthy and well rooted!!!! I like it, a lot!!!!!!


    Healthy and beautiful!!!

    Aloe Vera
    James B.
    Love it!

    Love my plants. Quick delivery and plants were very healthy. Will be ordering more soon. Highly recommend

    My Key LIme

    This plant is adorable!! So green and ruffles! Love it.

    Another Great Cactus

    I love the presentation and the quality of this cactus, so cute! Thank you so much ! The wrapping and packaging was well done and secure. Very quick delivery!

    Cutest Little Spine Cactus!

    Shipping was delivery was very quick! The wrapping and packaging of all the plants is very well done. Great quality And cutest little cactus ! I will be buying again. Thank you so much.

    Very healthy and bigger than expected! A free little cacti too! Very good experience.

    I am an actual pot head

    After getting some dismal succulents from Walmart I googled "where to buy succulents" any your company came up. I was not disappointed! It was so difficult to choose because their selection was so vast. The order arrived in lightening speed. As I opened each plant, which was packaged so tenderly. Each and every one was beautiful. I cannot wait for warmer weather so I can turn my deck into a plant jungle. I will be placing another order

    Beautiful Plants!

    All of my plants were healthy, well-packaged, and beautiful! Thank you so much.

    It was perfect and they also put a little bonus plant in there for me that I didn’t order and I thought that was very nice

    The plants were perfect.

    Fast shipping, excellent service.

    Packaged so it was secure, no damage and plant appears perfectly healthy! Would definitely recommend this shop!! Also very fast shipping!!!

    Aloe Vera

    Packaged so it was secure, no damage and plant appears perfectly healthy! Would definitely recommend this shop!! Also very fast shipping!!!

    Packaged so it was secure, no damage and plant appears perfectly healthy! Would definitely recommend this shop!! Also very fast shipping!!!

    This once is my favorite!!

    Its a perfect gift!!!

    Thank you!! My fiance loved it!!!

    Definitely use again!!

    I'm doing an event for Valentine's Day and not only did I get 50 little succulents quickly but they were perfectly packaged! I unveiled each little pup and each was beautiful and varied by color and type. I can't wait to hand out these pretty little babies on Wednesday!


    Very healthy plant and packed to perfection! Thank you

    First purchase

    Absolutely in love with my new succulents! Unfortunately my daughter stole them from me so now I suppose were going to have to buy some more!

    Amazing Product and service

    I was so pleased with my experience. I sent these to my daughter for her birthday. . They were shipped so quickly and in perfect shape. We soaked for a fre hours and they are just amazing!

    Will DEFINITELY order them again.

    Bulk Succulents
    Olivia H.

    I don’t think I have ever ordered from a website were the product looks better than then pictured on the site until now! The quality is amazing!